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No Ban, No Wall Rally Austin


Saturday, February 25th people from all walks of life joined together on the south Capital steps in Austin, TX to stand up for the rights of immigrants and refugees. To remind this administration that our country was built by immigrants and that we welcome the ideals of people from all cultures and beliefs to live freely here. That’s what makes America great.
In the days of darkness that have been throughout the first few weeks of 45’s presidency we have seen people coming together to invoke their rights to peaceful protest and freedom of speech. It should give us promise that deep down the majority of this country wants to continue to move forward. That we stand together to protect those around us that need a helping hand, that need a safe place to raise their children and have a chance at life. This resistance against hate and bigotry will see us through. It will unite our country against the corruption and unconstitutional acts being put forth by this president and his cronies. We must continue to stand hand in hand with our neighbors and speak out against all atrocities towards our fellow man because in our America, ALL people are equal.

I want to thank the organizers of the #NoBanNoWall rally here in Austin for planning this event. For the incredible speakers and performers they gave a platform too. It was an amazing peaceful show of strength and unity.

February 25, 2017
Organizing in downtown Austin to fight for the rights of immigrants and refugees! Join us…we’re here until 5.


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