About Read The People

Read The People is an experiment in citizen journalism without borders or censorship although we will slap down graven ignorance, stupidity, and hate speech.┬áThe world is not flat nor is it 6000 years old where Dino roamed with the cavemen. Also, no race is better then another, we are all created equal. Its our decisions on how we treat our fellow brothers and sisters that determines the difference. If you want to post some of that crap there are plenty of other sites on the internet. This is a site that is dedicated to giving the people of the world a voice. Let us know what’s happening where you live and what the going down.

If you are interested in posting articles as a citizen journalist please email info@readthepeople.com and tell us a little about yourself and why you want to post. If accepted you will be given the ability to publish articles to your hearts content. We hope to see citizen reporters from all walks of life from around the world. Why this requirement you may ask? Simple, bots fill out forms and we do not want bots posting.

Best Regards,
Read The People Staff

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