15 Years Later

Save Ferris started their high energy ska-punk band in SoCal twenty one years ago. Putting out an intro album on their own private label, Starpool, and following it up with their second album “It Means Everything” a couple of years later.  They became popular around the LA punk scene and then joined the Van’s Warp Tour in the early 2000’s introducing them  to the nation.
My husband and I have been listening to Save Ferris for years. Their albums are favorites of ours for summer days by the pool. Monique “Mo” Powell fronts the band with her powerful, sultry voice backed up by horns, stand-up bass, and a tambourine. Anyone that has seen their on-screen appearance in the cult classic film, ’10 Things I Hate About You’, knows they can put on a good show.
Due to some members of the band leaving Save Ferris went on a hiatus until 2013 and just released a brand new LP, Checkered Past. Their first album in fifteen years. As a long time fans we were ecstatic to find out Save Ferris was making a tour stop in Austin, where we reside.  Friday night the two of us, along with our 17 year old son, headed downtown to the Barracuda at 7th and Red River.
Playing a mix of their older tunes and the new material off of Checkered Past, they put on an amazing show. Mo with her fiery red hair and 1950’s style pencil skirt automatically draws you in with her funny quips and demanding stage presence. Her voice is incredible and she loves to show it off, driving her fans crazy. For an hour and half we were energized by their sound, a mix of ska, punk, and big band, and their love to wow the crowd.  When fans shouted for an encore they came back to finish off with their version of ‘Come On Eileen’, their single biggest tune. The show was incredible! If you’ve never heard Save Ferris I highly recommend you check them out and pick up their new LP. I hope this is a revival that will bring us many more albums and another chance to check out their live show in the future!

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