We Are the Audience

After sifting through the Trump administration’s unique (terrifying) choices for a presidential cabinet, two figures stand out to me: Steve Bannon and Sean Spicer. These two are, for all practical purposes, the brain and the mouth of what is quickly becoming the most dangerous administration the United States of America has ever seen.

During his debut press conference, the first words uttered out of Sean Spicer’s mouth were lies. He wasn’t bending the truth a little. It wasn’t spin. It was lies. His voice trembled with indignation (fear?) regarding something as trivial as an inauguration attendance numbers. According to several sources, Spicer was sent out by President Trump himself to assert that “This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period.” Now….anyone who watched the inauguration or has access to the internet for that matter, could plainly see the truth of the crowd size. Does size for an event like this matter? Not really. Does anyone really care? Nope. What’s telling is that the one person who this should concern the least is Donald J. Trump.

Wait. WAIT. Let me stop here. I’m not gonna continue with Spicer. I’m not gonna move on to Bannon.

I started writing this post January 29th, 2017 then life hit me like a ton of shit. But in the past 14 days, the same metaphorical ton of shit has hit the giant fan blade that is America. A religious ban was implemented, then thankfully, temporarily overturned. (Holy shit….Ban….Bannon…it’s a conspiracy!) The wall Trump famously and ridiculously touted, is actually moving forward at taxpayers expense. The CIA has stopped the flow of sensitive intelligence going into the White House because they suspect it’s been compromised by the Kremlin. The deportations have started. I’ve had people scared shitless asking me if I think the ICE round ups will be permanent or a temporary thing (i have no idea). To be on the safe side, they’re staying home and not working…just in case. That’s all just the tip of the giant shit flavored iceberg.

What the fuck is happening? How can this be a thing that’s ok? This all reminds me of a scene from the movie Interview with the Vampire…There is a group of vampires who put on a play. The vampires pretend to be humans, pretending to be vampires. They put on a play in front a live audience and bring a girl onto the stage who is the only one who knows the “vampires” are actually fucking vampires. They play with the girl the same way a cat would play with a mouse…then after a few minutes kill her in front of the audience.  You can see the people get incredibly uncomfortable and start to think…maybe…just maybe….but by then it’s too late. She’s dead. Right now I feel like we are the audience. We’re watching this happen. But it doesn’t seem real. I think justice, liberty, and everything good that is America is the girl on the stage. We’re watching all of this happen on tv and reading it online. We can’t let the girl die. We can’t be passive.

Luckily, thankfully, there’s hope. The protests. The town halls. The marches. The Resistance. If we have to take everything back piece by piece so be it. This is the first time I’ve felt like I can actually contribute. I can make a difference. I think that’s a feeling a lot of people are experiencing. It’s sad this is what it takes to get there but…we’ll get there. We can do this. We’re gonna do this.

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