Don’t Body-shame or Her Little Monsters Will Get You

imageThere’s a serious problem in this world.  I can’t blame just the US for this, as it sadly happens all over the world: body-shaming.  It’s not just women, no, men do this too.  The covers of many a workout magazine show extremely fit lads, built, and at the perfect weight.  Women are shown from an early age to look like this, dress like that, and, if you do, the boys will love you just like they do this photoshopped super model.  I’ve seen a very sad video of a man dancing, minding his own business, and being made fun of by teenaged girls.  I’ve read article after article of people being trolled on the internet for how they look and the shape of their body.  It’s sad really.  Hell, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t suffer from this myself.

Well, like her or not, Lady Gaga’s performance during half time of Super Bowl LI was beyond amazing.  I’m not a rapid fan of hers, but I do have mad respect for her ability, and she did not disappoint.  She performed some of her biggest hits with high energy and without missing a beat.  She celebrated unity, danced her ass off, and simply rocked it!

What does this have to do with the body-shaming?

THIS:“I just feel like #Gaga’s dough belly should’ve been tucked in better. #jussayin,” (@jfsartain, and this “People criticized her shape, specifically something that they called a “belly” on Gaga that we could only identify as abs. One hater asked if anyone else noticed Gaga’s “tummy rolls,” telling her to get a bigger size. Another even posted a picture of Pillsbury biscuits gushing out of their package, labeling it a picture of Gaga’s stomach.” (  The worst of them all: “You guys didn’t tell me Gaga had a beer belly” (@sean_spicier,  This isn’t his real Twitter account, but still.

Seriously?!?!  People paid attention to that.  I, for one, was too focused on the excellent performance GaGa was giving to notice much of anything else.  The only thing that left me wanting, in terms of how she looked, was the lack of costume changes.  I’ve seen concerts on television of hers and her costumes and costume changes are as extravagant  and creative as she is, and I wished she had more time for more costumes, which takes nothing from her performance!  She focused on her music in the short time she had, and did a bang-up job.  In addition to this, she did all of it while actually singing.  She danced around the stage, played two different instruments, and congregated with her fans without lip-synching.  Some may not believe that she does this, but I’ve seen enough to believe that she does.  She never lip-synchs, which only testifies more to her talent. @lilbtheunicorn posted “Not sure how people can shame Gaga’s belly after she trapezed [sic] off the roof & danced nonstop while singing live, w/o sounding out of breath” (”.

GaGa’s fan base refers to themselves as her Little Monsters, and they went on the attack after this:

“Lady Gaga has a perfect body and this is why girls in America hate their bodies. Promote self love not self hate” (@riley_finnegan,  And, my sentiments exactly: “Lady Gaga was stunning and put on one hell of a show! To those body shaming her- you are disgusting!” (@lipstick_print,

This has to stop!  It does.  How many more young people are going to hurt themselves, or worse, because of this?  How can supposed adults see this as being okay?  @Retlouping posted “And we wonder why girls suffer body image problems, comments on Lady Gaga’s body are a problem with YOU not her, normal comes in all shapes”, which is the absolute truth (!

Good for her Little Monsters!  From this fan: GaGa, you killed it, girl!!! It was an exceptional half-time show that ended with the most epic mic drop and exit ever!!

48 comments for “Don’t Body-shame or Her Little Monsters Will Get You

  1. Profile photo of Kecia Johndrow
    February 7, 2017 at 10:34 am

    As a woman I have been victim to this my entire life. Women start hearing at a young age that you have to be thin, dress pretty, and have long hair in order to look feminine. There have been published studies showing that the self-esteem of girls as young as 5 is influenced by this line of thinking in our society. Instead of body shaming why don’t we teach our girls that people come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors? That girls can be intelligent, powerful, and influential no matter what they look like. That they deserve equal pay, the right to fight for their country with the same respect given to men, can rise to the top level of a company, and can choose their own path based on what they want out of their life. I don’t know what the answer is except to start at the base level and encourage those young girls in our own lives to stand strong and to overcome the ridicule from classmates or internet trolls. The other way is to teach our young boys that this type of treatment of girls is unacceptable. And vice versa for the boys/men in this country that are also effected by this type of judgment.

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