A Clear and Present Danger

Platitudes and idealistic posturings fail me.  The beautiful words of the Declaration of Independence, the poetic re-affirmation of American ideals found on the Statue of Liberty, the uplifting words of our National Anthem, the haunting words of the Gettysburg address uttered over the graves of those who lost their lives in defense of the Union echo distantly in my memory, almost as a muffled hum of something that is lost.

Never has our nation faced a more dangerous threat than the one we now face…not only because a self-serving, egotistic megalomaniac demagogue has occupied the White House but because this individual is in danger of sapping the will of the people to perceive truth, to pursue truth and to be willing to sacrifice for truth. The greatest danger he and his sycophants present is the effect they have on distorting our perceptions of reality, national identity, trust in each other and truth. He has surrounded himself with demagogues who are willfully manipulating the very structure of our government of checks and balances to achieve THEIR agenda as well as his.

A leader only becomes a leader by gaining followers. Generally, people become followers for one of two reasons: 1) They sincerely believe in the leader and his/her message or 2) They believe they can further their own agendas by supporting or appearing to support the leader. All presidents have had followers that fall in to these two categories. Those in government who fall into the first category are called public servants, the latter are politicians and sycophants…willing to do or say anything to remain in the good graces of the leader or their constituents.  History is filled with abuses propagated by the few but executed by the many.

During the campaign, many Republican leaders refused to support our current president; expressing their disdain at the candidate’s style, actions, words and failure to comply with basic traditions for presidential candidates. Some of those are listed here:


Susan Collins, Maine –

Ben Sasse-Nebraska

Lindsey Graham-South Carolina

Ted Cruz-Texas

Jeff Flake-Arizona

Dean Heller-Nevada


Adam Kinzinger-Illinois

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen-Florida

Charlie Dent-Pennsylvania

Mark Coffman-Colorado


John Kasich-Ohio

Larry Hogan-Maryland

Charlie Baker-Massachusetts

They are a good start for rallying efforts to remove the veil of confusion that this administration is skillfully dropping over the eyes and minds of our citizenry. We need to focus on the clear and present danger; the destruction of checks and balances so wisely crafted by our founding fathers.

In other words, the so-called Travel Ban is less of an issue than how the ban came to be…how the National Security Council has been infiltrated by a white supremacist nationalist with no military experience; how established Federal law was ignored; how Federal agencies with front-line responsibility for implementation of changes were not consulted; and the list goes on.  These are just some of the checks and balances that have been side-stepped. There-in lies the real danger.  If we do nothing this behavior becomes normalized and sets a precedent.  The Constitution begins to become obsolete and forgotten. Let’s work toward getting these and other opinion shapers to focus on the permanent damage these pestilent strategies will have as they permeate our understanding of “normal”.

Brave men and women have defended our country through many dangers. THIS danger is internal, it threatens to divide us more menacingly than ever before. Let’s start our resistance with these Republicans who are on record as having reservations about the current president while he was a candidate. It is time to apply pressure to them and other prominent Republicans and respected Americans from both sides of the aisle to defend our nation.



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  1. Profile photo of Nathan Vickers
    February 2, 2017 at 9:38 am

    Hear, hear!!! I often think of the Declaration of Independence. Jefferson and the other men who crafted that document knew then the importance of equality. Granted that equality looked much different than it does today, but it is impossible to yoke twenty-first century ideals with eighteenth century ideals. That be said, this country was founded on the ideal that government without the people’s mandate will fail, and that autocracy as a form of government will not be accepted here. While we are not seeing one person act as autocrat, we are seeing one party act as such. It’s sad and scary to think that millions have died defending what makes this country great only to have it swept under the rug of history.

  2. Profile photo of Anna Johndrow
    February 3, 2017 at 4:07 pm

    For any who are so inclined, here is the text of letters I am sending to the Republicans listed in the article. Feel free to use it as a template:


    As Americans, we have come to expect disagreement and protest as a vital part of our Democratic process…something that while it may cause rancor and discomfort on occasion is ultimately a cause for great pride.
    During the recent campaign for the disputed office of the President you were a calming and responsible voice of dissent regarding the Republican nominee for the office. It was reassuring to recognize that conscience and respect for our principles and ideals as a free nation weighed more heavily with you than party dictates.
    This letter is to plead with you to use your voice as a respected and prominent Republican to demonstrate the clear and present danger of the present administration’s choices. I refer to the manner and means with which the administration is arguably destroying or at best weakening our current form of government by ignoring the checks and balances which have served us well over our more than 200-year history.
    This letter is not a request to refute the Executive Order regarding travel, per se…it is to request that you and other Republicans point out to the President and to the public that using mechanisms that by-pass government checks and balances is not acceptable and will result in long term damage to our overall trust in our government and hence in our National cohesion and identity. One of the qualities our nation has demonstrated to the world throughout history is the ability to transition from one government to another without the chaos so characteristic of dictatorships. A good example of this is the possession of a green card and an issued and approved visa; both Federal documents that should guarantee that a change in government will not affect the safety, security and liberty of its holder. They are not documents provided by an administration, they are documents provided by the Nation. The ill-advised inclusion of green card and visa holders in some of the directives concerning travel demonstrates that the current administration either does not understand the structure of our established government or is willing to destroy it and superimpose their unilateral vision of improvement.
    Our society has often decried the apparent silence of moderate, peace-loving Muslims who have not stood up to the factions within the Islamic faith causing death, war and hatred. Their silence has contributed to poisoning the image of all Islam. I plead with you not to be silent in the current situation in the United States. Our nation needs to hear that Mr. Trump and his sycophants do not represent all Republicans, that Republicans are not sheep willing to be led into un-American acts of vengeance and dictatorial abuses on others and that WE THE PEOPLE will make our voices heard. Please help us!

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