Unity With A Twist


noun, plural unities. 

oneness of mind, feeling, etc., as among a number of persons;concord, harmony, or agreement.

On January 20th, 2017 our country inaugurated its 45th president. Within moments he begun initiating his authoritarian agenda with a complete disregard to the damage he is about to inflict upon the country or even a framework for making those evaluations. He rules from his ID and does not let facts get in his way. He cares not what or who is right, only that he is the winner of whatever he interprets as a challenge to his authority. As ever, action has an equal reaction,  millions of people have united to stand up and resist him, his cabinet, and his agenda. It’s no one thing that created this unity that stretches beyond race, religion, sex, and even party lines. It’s a Unity of Womenmyriad of things that he has forced upon the American people in the name of bigotry, ignorance, and fear. He claims to be a Christian yet walls in our country and turns away refugees. Beyond that he cast a ban on those of Muslim faith. Banning Muslims from certain countries from entering the country, even if they have a green card. These countries he lists are the ones that need our assistance the most. As I pen this article, there are green card holding Americans stuck at air ports because of his ban. He has literally banned people from coming home. This is flat out wrong and against everything our country stands for. This is right out of some strange dystopian reality movie where far right white supremacists take over the country imposing their narrow-minded High-Tower agendas upon the nation. If it was not happening before my eyes I just would not have believed it possible. To that end, I have always been an idealist. I know that we are inherently good and with a little nurturing and education we blossom into the great men and women we were destined to be. It is from that deep well that resides within all of us that this unity against hate has sprung forth and created a movement that will not reside until its mission has been accomplished. The faces of this unifying power are the great women of this great nation. The strength that was exhibited in opposition to Donald Trump nationwide was awe inspiring. It was a moment when a million people stood up at once and said NO. This is not acceptable behavior. NO, It is not acceptable to demean women for your pleasure and ego reassurance. NO, It Is not ok for a group of men to stand around making laws concerning women’s reproductive right. NO, it is not ok to turn away war torn children who need shelter, food, and education. NO, It’s not ok for some chauvinistic man to speak down to them or grab them by the pussy.

If this president thinks he can walk in an take away peoples rights that have been so hard fought then he is sadly mistaken. He will find unity in our resistance against him.

We will fight them.

We will Resist.

We will not go silently.



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